Member of International Alliance of sport Alliance Yukigassen


Yukigassen Slovakia brings to Slovakia a novelty in the form of winter team sports coming from Japan under the name „YUKIGASSEN“



Since January 2018 we have been running Yukigassen events in Slovakia and neighboring countries. We focus on corporate events, open tournaments, school events, international tournaments. We conduct events anywhere. The ideal place with a winter atmosphere for this sport is our favorite home Strbske Pleso, where winter with snow cover lasts up to six months. If you love winter and snow and would like to experience this new sport on your own skin, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you prefer warm weather and shorts, we can also play the game under these conditions. Standard matches are played in individual groups for progress to final matches. Depending on the number of participants, the time you have and other specifications, we will make you a tailor-made tournament.


Winter fun base on a spontaneous snowball figh, promoted to sporting level with official rules.. It is a official team sport from Japan - fast, strategic, funny with a dose of adrenaline. Team that eliminates more of the opposition’s players or captures the opposing team’s flag wins the set. Each team consists of 7 players and 1 coach, each set lasts 3 minutes and team that won 2 sets wins the game. Each team has an exact number of snowballs. The game has strictly international rules and group of referees.


Yukigassen requires a flat surface with dimensions 36 m x 10 m, there are 7 shelters on the court and 2 flag stand placements.

  • Original helmets with face shield
  • Setting up the court
  • Snow shelters „walls“ (in summer mounted, movable)
  • Snowball making machine
  • Universal jerseys / numbers for players
  • Universal Team flags
  • Referees and technical staff
  • Sound
  • Moderator
  • Placement of ads on side mantinels
  • Tailor-made commemorative numbers with company logo and event name
  • Medals, plaques, or cups for winning teams
  • Tent with heaters - technical background for changing clothes and warm up/li>